Price $9850.00

Manufactured c. 1920 - 1940

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Conversion Options

Body Style: Retro Vintage Range

Model: Commercial – right stack

Location of manufacture: Magic Chef

Date of manufacturer: 1920 – 1940

Current fuel set up: Gas

Conversion available: Yes

Conversion Options: Propane, electric

More Conversion Information: Click here

Current setup: Wood / coal

Conversion option: Yes

Conversion fuels: Gas, propane, electric

More conversion information: Click Here

Wood/Coal Installation

Exhaust required: Yes

Chimney Type: Class A

Clearance required: Yes

Combustible walls: 36″ air space*

Noncombustible walls: 18″ air space*

Gas/Propane Installation

Electric Installation

Exhaust/venting required: No

Clearance required: No

Electric Cooktop: 1,500 Watts & 2,000 Watts

Electric Broiler: 2,200 Watt

Electric Oven: 2,000 Watt

Volts / Amp: 220 / 50

* Fully insulated and UL approved parts

Body Materials: Cast Iron / steel

Color: White / Black

Finish: Porcelain

Plating: None

Overall Dimensions: 53″W x 26″D

Footprint: 50″W x 22″D

Height to Cook Top: 33″

Height to Top of Stove: 63″

Oven Dimensions: 21″W x 19″D x 14″H

Secondary Oven Dimensions: 16″W x 19″D x 13.5″H

Broiler Dimensions: 15.5″W x 17″D x 6″H

Weight Uncrated: 500 lbs

Weight Crated: 900 lbs

Number of Cook Lids: 6

Number of Ovens: 2

Number of Cook Lids: 6

Broiler: Yes

Interior Finish: Speckleware


Bun warmer, tea shelf, drip pan, storage drawer

$9850.00 – Price (fully restored)

$400.00 – Cost to crate

$10250.00 – Total Purchase Price*

*Prices subject to change. Conversion and custom costs are determined on a case by case basis according to the interests of the customer and configuration of the stove. Shipping charges are due at the time of shipment.

The cost of shipping is determined by the weight and size of the stove, delivery location and site-specific requirements like a lift gate or scheduled appointment.