Antique Stoves Restored to their Original Efficiency & Historical Charm

Original Antique Wood and Coal Stoves

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3 & 4 Burner Gas


Wood & Coal


Gas & Wood Combo

Antique Wood & Coal Cook Stoves

Antique Stepside Gas Kitchen Ranges

Antique 3 and 4-Burner Gas Kitchen Ranges

Antique Stepside 6-Burner and Commercial Ranges

Fire King

Glenwood Apartment

Glenwood 3-Burner

Antique Gas and Wood Combination Ranges

Glenwood Gold Medal

Glenwood Gold Medal

Glenwood Gold Medal

Custom-Made Stoves

Glenwood Gold Medal

Commercial Kitchen Range

Original Antique Stoves Converted to Gas and Electric

Magee Grand

Glenwood C

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