Do You Have a Stove to Sell?

 Join in 2 Easy Steps!
  1. Complete the consignment form below
  2. Send pictures of stove
  3. Due to high-demand, please allow 2 – 3 weeks for a reply. If a reply is not received after 2 – 3 weeks, please assume that your stove has not been selected for enrollment in the consignment program.

Enroll in our Antique Stove Consignment Program.

We are not making outright purchases at this time.  Exceptions considered for rare and extenuation circumstances.

In our Antique Stove Consignment Program, you will retain possession of the stove while we look for a buyer. When a buyer is located we will pay you a pre-negotiated amount for your stove and make transportation arrangements.

If your stove is located more than 500 miles away from Goshen, MA we are unlikely to consider it for consignment except if you are willing to arrange delivery to us upon sale. 

How the Consignment Program works:

  • Complete Consignment Form + Send pictures
  • We will negotiate a dollar amount that Good Time Stove will return to you (the seller) when we locate a buyer for the stove.
  • Good Time Stove Co. will list your stove on our web site a period of 6 – 12 months in an effort to locate a buyer.
  • When a buyer is located, we will make arrangements for payment and transportation to our location in Goshen, MA 01032.