Conversions Available on
All Antique Stoves

Gas, Propane and Electric

Yesterday’s Charm
Today’s Modern Conveniences

Do you desire the charm and character of an antique wood heating stove but prefer to heat with the simplicity of a modern fuel? Now you can have the best of both worlds when we convert an antique stove to gas, propane or electric. Every individual stove we produce is custom-built for the stove and specifically designed to preserve original antique appearance of the stove while offering the convenience and comfort of modern cooking and heating. Merge uncompromising performance with unique beauty!

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Custom Conversion Options

  • Choose between gas, propane, electric or a combination
  • 4 – 6 burners available in flat or coil
  • Stainless steel oven interior
  • Fully insulated
  • Zero-clearance space required
  • Vent-free installation

Now you can own a charming and elegant piece of yesteryear’s history and still enjoy the modern efficiency and ease of today’s modern heating options. The conversion process preserves the antiquity of the stove while enhancing the treasured heirloom with modern functionality.

  • Regulated by thermostat
  • Even temperature
  • Discrete location of controls
  • Easy Installation
  • No venting needed with electric conversion
  • Vent gas/propane conversion stoves through a single-walled chimney

A few of the easy and efficient features of a converted antique heating stove include

  • Full thermostat based temperature regulation (remote control available)
  • Gas logs that closely resemble a perfectly built log fire
  • Subtly placed pilot controlled knobs
  • Even temperature and even burn
  • Easily adjustable thermostat
  • Easy to start and use
  • IMPORTANT: All parts are AGA and UL approved and the conversion complies with all local heating codes. This allows for easy installation, a safe and secure source of heat and no hassles from your local government. A standard conversion costs roughly $1600.00
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We Can Convert Any Antique Stove

Gas, Propane, Electric