Heating Stoves for the Home

Elegance, Efficiency, and Authenticity

Heating stoves have been the heart of the historic home since their introduction in the late 1700s. Woodburning stovesĀ  and coal fireplaces were the sole source of heat and hot water in the turn-of-the-century home. The most widely used were potbelly stoves, old parlor stoves and the cylinder stove or oak stove.

Antique heating stoves perform with high efficiency by using airtight designs, precision fit doors, draft controls and advanced baffle systems.

The quaity cast iron in these old stoves is far superior to the materials used in modern stoves as a result the antique stove will outlive and outperform all modern heating stoves.

The craftsmanship and artistry displayed on vintage stoves is exceptionl and unrivaled in the modern stove market.

Good Time Stove Company hosts an extensive collection of original heating stoves circa 1840-1930. You will receive an original antique stove with a museum-quality restoration. All stoves are sold ready to ready to install capacity, fully functional and efficient.

We Can Convert Any Antique Stove

Gas, Propane and/or Electric