Smith & Anthony Stove Co.

The gorgeous decorative nickel emblem on the front of the Sterling Oak Cylinder Stove defines the stove’s Victorian splendor. Intricate, artistic relief designs cover the body, base and dome top. The finely crafted nickel footrests simply sparkle. The Sterling Oak is one elaborately crafted stove that efficiently heats your home and makes a stunning centerpiece.

This cylinder stove was manufactured at the turn-of-the-century by the Smith & Anthony Stove Company. This stove is among the finest cylinder stoves ever manufactured; a better airtight cylinder stove has never been made. We are very proud to be able to offer this stove to the public.

I can contest to the unbelievable craftsmanship quality put into this stove as I have used this stove to heat my home, my museum and my showroom at different times. Every time I have owned or used a Smith & Anthony Stove, it was a tremendous source of pride and pleasure.
Richard M. Richardson
Good Time Stove Co.
Sara Wenona, the Stove Princess, stands next to the Hub Oak by Smith & Anthony Stove Co.

The first Smith & Anthony stove I bought came from the small Vermont town of Saxon River. The stove was used for years in a large Victorian home. Following the passing of the owner, I was contacted to assess the stove by the owner’s son. David proudly showed me a picture of his grandmother sitting next to the stove when the stove was first installed in the home at the turn-of-the-century. She looks proud and comfortable.

David was convinced, as am I, that this was the greatest stove ever made. He was sad to be letting it go but the house had been sold and so he didn’t have the option to keep it. 

David wanted to be sure that the family’s cherished cylinder stove would go to a home where it could continue to be used and its beauty fully appreciated as was the builder’s intent. I was very proud to be able to facilitate in finding a new home.

The Smith & Anthony Stoves were airtight and milled with absolute perfection, they are guaranteed to maintain a fire from eight to ten hours and it will maintain a bed of coals for sixteen to twenty hours. A cast-iron smoke shelf hangs behind the feed door. Embossed on the shelf reads the words, “Absolutely airtight joints and surfaces. Special milling and machinery exclusively used for this stove. Double grooved joints pick and selected fireproof cement. Patent applied for.” 

This bold statement of quality attests to the well-deserved reputation of excellence and superior craftsmanship involved in the manufacture of this stove.