Parlor Stoves – Artistry in Iron

Manufactured c.1850 – 1940

The parlor stove was the canvas on which great iron artists of the nineteenth century cast their many masterpieces. The large rectangular heaters take center stage in any living room, dining room or parlor by virtue of both their high quality iron and beautiful designs. Ornate scenes cast on the sides and face of the stove depicts angelic cherubs, mythological figures, floral and animal motifs.




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Parlor stoves of the “modern series” represent a split from the decadence of the Victorian era, instead enjoying the subtle, clean and defined designs of the turn of the century trend while still ensuring the most efficient burn available. Parlor stoves achieves a higher standard of artistry in iron. Intricate castings spread across three sides while manufacturing information is imprinted on the back of the stove.  Some models include mica windows.