Retro Vintage Antique Cook Stoves

Manufactured c.1910 – 1940

Cooking and baking is easy with gas oven, gas burners and ample cooking space and built-in storage space. During the 1920s, enamel stoves became popular. For the first time, the cook had a variety of colors to choose from plus the convenience of a stove that could easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

By the 1930s the advent of oil, gas and electricity made these fine ranges seem obsolete, but because they were built to last and so beautifully crafted, those cook stoves that survive today are highly prized as truly functional works of art. Any home or kitchen will achieve unique distinction with a vintage kitchen stove. Typical colors included gray, green, cream, yellow, white, blue and black.

Original Antique Stoves

No Reproductions