Color Options

 At the turn-of-the-century all stoves began their lives factory with a black cast iron finish.

A porcelain enamel was applied to about half of those stoves in a variety of colors including beige, blue, brown, cream, gray, green, peppermint, yellow, white and more. Historically accurate, turn-of-the-century color palette options are seen below. Custom color options are displayed on the right.

Usually our clients keep the stoves in their original color configurations but sometimes a stove is better suited to a home or homeowner in black or with a color change. 

Our specially formulated stove paints….

• Withstand intense heat to 1200° F (648° C)
• Will not peel, flake or chalk
• Won’t bleach or discolor
• Withstands repeated thermal cycling
• Long-lasting
• Resistant to scratching and marring

Custom Color Options

Historically Accurate, Turn-of-the-Century Color Pallettes

Original Blue's

Authentic Beige's, Cream's, Rose's & Yellow's


Genuine Gray's

Gorgeous Green's


Striking Black & White Combinations

Traditional Black