Danville Stove and Manufacturing Co (Beaver Stoves)

Seven shareholders formed a corporation in 1882 with a capital of $20,000 and named it the Danville Stove and Manufacturing Co. Thomas Beaver became a major shareholder soon after the company was founded but he was not one of the original seven. Their motto became “Beaver’s the Best”.

Many of the models of stoves cast at the Danville Stove and Mfg. Co. carried the Beaver name and were shipped all over the world.

The U.S. Post Office cast iron mail boxes, one of their products with the familiar beaver logo, could be found throughout this country. Today there is one located at Disney World in Florida. Production ceased in the early 1940’s and the property became part of the K.V.S. complex in 1951.

Danville, Pennsylvania ~ An Iron Town was written by Helen ‘Sis’ Hause and Lynn Reichen. The Editor was Jean Knouse.