Antique Wood & Coal Cook Stoves Fully Restored & Functional

Manufactured c. 1900 – 1920
Manufactured c. 1900 – 1920

Current Inventory

  • Circa: 1880-1910
  • Fuel: Wood/Coal
  • Burn Time: 4-6 Hours
  • Price Range: $3850 – $6850.00
Manufactured c. 1900 – 1920
Manufactured c. 1880 – 1900
The antique stove is a treasured piece of functional art that combines everlasting elegance and heating efficiency. Our vintage stoves use wood and coal. Stoves can also be adapted to use propane, gas and electric too. Antique Kitchen cook stoves and kitchen ranges of all vintages are original antiques that have been fully restored for full operation and efficiency. Conversion to gas and electric are available on all models.

The cooking range of this era served two functions: to warm the kitchen area of the home and to prepare meals. Innovations of the day offered: 6-8 wood burners, a wood oven, and optional features like the water reservoir or warmers that enhance and facilitate cooking.

Improving on the familiar features of earlier ranges bred a competitive market place offering diverse options like the cabinet-style base, the water reservoir and the always popular bunwarmer.

Take a minute to watch our videos giving you some context behind these beautiful and functional antiques. Learn about Wood & Coal cooking ranges and how they adapt to modern times.  

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Single Oven Wood/Coal Cook Stoves - Current Inventory

Manufactured c. 1880 – 1900
Manufactured c. 1900 – 1920

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