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Heating stoves have been the heart of the historic home since the late 1700s. Woodburning stoves  and coal fireplaces were the sole source of heat and hot water. Ease of use, efficiency, economy and beauty are found in potbelly stoves, old parlor stovescylinder stoves and oak stove.

Baseburner stovescylinder Stoves and potbelly stoves are superior heaters. The Baseburner stove is beauty unmatched. A warm aura illuminates the room as a fire can be seen dancing through the mica windows and doors on three sides of the stove. An enchanting view of the fire is available at all angles. The Cylinder stove is one of America’s most beloved stoves as it offers the ultimate in heat distribution while using a minimum amount of floor space. The Pot belly stove is an American classic. Used to heat general stores, school houses, trains, depots and cars, Caboose stoves and Railroad stoves are fondly remembered.
Parlor stoves were the canvas on which great iron artists of the nineteenth century cast their many masterpieces. The Franklin stoves and antique fireplaces offers a cleaner, more efficient alternative to traditional fireplaces while providing timeless appeal and charm. Box stoves are small stoves valued for their compact design and efficient burn.

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